About This Site

This is an educational website with the sole purpose of asking people to think for themselves and care for our planet.

So far this website has received no funding from anyone, but there are people who believe in what this site is about and have come out of the woodwork to help with mountains of technical support and hours of work; and to them i�m eternally grateful.  This site is not affiliated to any political party and nor should it be; so as far as political parties are concerned, only credit where it is due.

The future for this site is to have no pop up advertising though, because i do like to support small people there may eventually be a gallery with up to 100 or so Australian small businesses listed.  They will have to be convincingly ethical and Australian owned and with no more than one or two dozen employees.  Any link, which lists Australian owned businesses, will happily be accepted.  The same idea may eventually be incorporated with an Italian page because, besides being very Australian i�m also Italian.  However much of this site is about responsibility towards our planet because in the end here is where we must live.  You will notice that in this site there is a bias towards protecting our �broadly based gene pools� because without them we are doomed to leave a miserable legacy for our children.  Most politicians usually don�t understand the term �gene pool� let alone one that is broadly based.  It would seem also, that many genetic engineers seem hell bent on destroying them or narrowing them as fast as they can; just because they can, and they will work for drug companies and make lots of money doing it.

When the time comes that i can do no more work in this site there are people in the wings ready to keep it updated and running.

Any mistakes you may find please let me know and they can be corrected; i make mistakes.  If you don�t make mistakes let me know how you do it.  If you are a nitpicker, you better bother somebody else cause i�m too busy working for our kids� world.

Federico G Rossignoli - Fred the Snakeman.

If you like what this website represents then please send the address to your friends.