With Thanks To

Thanks to the contributors and helpers of this site.
Photos and art work/graphics and technical support and tons of moral support:

Simon Johnson - Technical support.

Frederick Johnson � Graphics.

Trevor Willocks � Graphics.

Monica Morgenstern � Graphics.

John Auckett and Kirsty Fletcher @ Jeack � Technical support.

Peter Sawyer (Tom/Pedro) Technical, Graphics, advice and days of work.

Katie Rossignoli (Support)

Mark Wolfe � Technical

Thanks to all those at HSD for their ongoing support.

Cameron Manderson � Technical support.

Raymond Hoser � Photos. � Taipan, Dragon and Pailses pailsii.

Rob Valentic � Photos. � Collett snake and Death Adder.

Peter Mirtschen � Photos � Taipan, Eastern Brown, Red-bellied Black and Tiger snake.

Joe (Attilio) Marra. � Photos - Snake

Brian Bush � Photos. - Snake.

And thanks to any others that i�ve not thanked.

If you find some work on this site that i�ve not thanked you for, or if there is something of yours that you would not like me to use, then please let me know.

If there is a photo that is yours and you have not been acknowledged for it then please let me know.