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The �Vavilov Centres� are our irreplaceable Cradles of Agriculture

In the 1920s a Russian scientist by the name of N. I. Vavilov became known to the world, and it was after this person that the Vavilov Centres get their name.  Vavilov had noted that almost all the food crops of the world originated from only 9 areas on our planet; the number has now been increased to no more than 12 areas.

These so-called Vavilov Centres are basically the cradles of all our food crops.  They hold the �broadest, strongest and most diverse gene pools� of the food crops for the future of the human race.  The Vavilov Centres hold the truly �broadly-based gene pools� for our survival.

Ancient peoples, meaning our ancestors, had selected seeds and plants from these areas and, through selective breeding had developed the plants and crops that suited them best.  These ancient crops we call the �landrace varieties�.  Those ancient agricultural crops that still survive are genetically the strongest crops that exist today.

If, in some ancient garden, the farmers found some troublesome pest or disease, they could ask their neighbour for more seeds or plants.  If the neighbour�s plants did not have the desired resistance, they had only to go back into the wilderness areas from whence the plant and disease originated and select from the natural strength in the wild.  Because they lived around a Vavilov Centre the plants were diverse and strong and had natural resistance to local diseases.

As we in the developed world have been taking these ancient landrace varieties and developing them further through selective breeding, we have been narrowing their genetic base.  Some of the plants that we rely on are now genetically so close as to be like brothers and sisters.  As anyone would understand that is not a healthy scenario for any living creature, animal or plant.

If you have a disease in your garden you have three choices: -
1.  You could go to a chemical/drug company and buy their potion.  You spread it over your crop and perhaps it will survive until the pest develops resistance to the chemical, because that is how nature works.  Then you must buy a stronger chemical.  You may have also killed all the earthworms in the process, so the ground will now be harder, which means that it will have to be worked much more.
2.  You can go back to the Vavilov Centre (wilderness area) where the plants and the disease or pest originated.  There you select from nature and you will have natural resistance anyway, because that is how nature works.
3.  You could search for a landrace variety from some ancient garden but they are getting rarer.  The giant genetic engineering companies have been scouring the world and plundering these ancient plants from primitive farmers and conning these people into their modern hybrids and drug dependent plants.  Much of our ancient plants have now been lost forever.  The same people who have accelerated this genetic wipeout are the same ones who want to force the world into �patented genetically engineered drug dependent crops�.

Some ignorant people have been pushing the �mantra� that �we have been genetically engineering plants for thousands of years�.  What we have been doing is selectively breeding from within the same species.

If you breed two species together like a horse and a donkey you end up with a mule.  A mule is a hybrid and it is infertile.  That is why you cannot save the seeds from your hybrid vegetables and expect a crop.  If they grow you may get a plant but no crop.  There is a kind of hybrid called an �apomictic hybrid� and that can reproduce (its seeds are fertile).  The companies that hybridise plants for sale seldom produce such plants as apomictic hybrids, precisely because the seeds will be fertile and that is not good for business.

Genetically engineered plants and seeds can be perfectly fertile even if the plant is now part animal.  Did you know that plants have already been crossed with animals and they are in our food chain right now?  We have not been genetically engineering plants for thousands of years.  We have been selectively breeding for fertile offspring from within a species, not from without.

Did you know that the Vavilov Centre for corn, which is in Mexico, has already been contaminated with genetically engineered pollen?  What the long-term ramifications for this will be, we don�t know.  The genetic engineers said that it could never happen.  That is our only Vavilov Centre in the whole world for our corn and it has been contaminated in just a few years.  That is a form of biological terrorism that the world has never seen before.  So, what do these people have in store for us next?

Do you think that we should hand over the control of our food crops to the giant chemical companies and the genetic engineers that work for them?  You had better decide quickly because time is running out.  Too much irreversible damage has been done and much has already been lost forever.