The Free Trade Agreement
Explained by Selwyn Johnston (Independent MP QLD)

GATS. General Agreement on Trade and Services.

GATS a disaster against the sovereignty of Australia, just waiting to happen by November 2003.
Why is our media remaining silent?

It looks like GATS is being camouflaged under the so-called �Free Trade Agreement�.
Refer here for Selwyn Johnston's work on this topic.

Multilateral Agreement on Investment - MAI
Selwyn Johnston's describes MAI

Is the MAI dead? Or is it just GATS in disguise?
Now dressed up as the �Free Trade Agreement�

Selwyn Johnston's - Multilateral Agreement On Investment

"Selwyn Johnston", Independent, his story.

On this site you�ll find links to Selwyn Johnston�s stories on GATS and the so-called Free Trade Agreement also Australia�s Water plus a little more because, it looks like Selwyn has done his homework on these issues. Selwyn Johnston - A true independent.  Whatever any galah might say he is not tied to any other party.  Here is his own story, not the words of others.

Selwyn Johnston Independent

The author of this site does not necessarily agree with all Selwyn�s views.  But that is not the point.  We don�t all like fresh coriander.  I do.