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The Wonders of Nuclear Power

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There are some who will tell you that nuclear power is clean and safe

If tomorrow, the world were to go Nuclear, for its base power, that means for generating electricity only.  And if the uranium used were to come from sources that are even moderately cost effective to extract; how much uranium would we have available and, how long would it last the world?

Most estimates give us about 50 years worth of uranium to run all the �base power� needed to run the world, AS WE DO NOW.  That includes Military expenditure and also Planned obsolescence, which is a refined science, used to build goods that are designed to fall apart or become obsolete within a given time.  Planned obsolescence and the weapons industry, waste an obscene amount of the world�s energy and finite resources.  Have you ever heard politicians or shock-jock spin-doctors discuss such issues?

If nuclear power is so safe then why is it that we must seriously guard that nuclear waste for the next quarter of a million years?

If we do not guard this deadly, boiling waste and keep it away from all humans and all other living creatures that we might care for, then the consequences will start to show.  Leukaemia and other cancers would soon become normal; this knowledge is never discussed openly by the nuclear industry.

Have you ever considered that if the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks or Romans had used uranium as we do, then this world would be a much more dangerous place in which to live.

Even if we stop using nuclear power now and add no more to the stockpiles of waste, the children for the next 250 thousand years must guard thousands of tons of our deadly high level and low level nuclear waste, just to try and keep our planet safe.

They must guard it at great cost and danger to themselves and yet they will gain no benefits from it whatsoever; it will however still be good for making nuclear weapons.  People will live in a much more dangerous world because of our actions.  How would you like somebody to leave you in that situation?

Why don�t we shoot it towards the sun because the sun can easily deal with nuclear waste?  Sure the sun could deal with it.  However, how much does it cost to get one kilo of material past the stratosphere and into space then on its way to the sun?  Forget it, we are stuck with the stuff here on earth or at least the children not yet born are stuck with this deadly legacy that we the (short-term) greedies are planning to leave them.  Which children do you actually care for?

Any person who talks about the rights of the unborn child but refuses to also take these glaring facts into account is in selfish denial

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