Political Parasites

Does anybody care that the world�s species are vanishing at a rate that the world has never seen since the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago.

Our oceans are being plundered at a rate as never before.  Driftnets are taking thousands of tons of creatures every day from our oceans, the fisherman take what is worth the most money, then thousands of tons of animals are left to rot; thousands of tons every day, and who cares?

Longline Fishing is wiping out our albatross and the Shark Finners are taking the fins from thousands upon thousands of live sharks and throwing the wasted fish back into the sea alive, and who cares?

Giant Drug Companies are telling the world that they intend to feed us with genetically engineered food.  Already in North America weeds are becoming resistant to weed killer precisely because of genetically engineered crops; these super weeds have only taken 6 years to evolve since GE/GM crops were introduced.  About 80% of US crops are already contaminated with genetically engineered pollen.  These drug dealers now want to force this technology onto Australia through the Free Trade Agreement.  Politicians are allowing 5 metres between crops to stop the genetically engineered pollen from contaminating our natural crops.  Should these environmental vandals not be sent to prison?

The Vavilov Centres are the cradles of all our agricultural crops and there are not more than a dozen of them in the world.  Already the Vavilov Centre for corn, which is in Mexico, has been hit with genetically engineered pollen.  Here we are talking about the genetic heritage for the future of the human race.  So, is this not biological terrorism against us all?  Why is our so-called free media not talking to the biologists and botanists instead of genetic engineers about this issue?

There are now 3 of the 5 sub-species of Tigers and 2 species of Rhinoceros that are on the verge of extinction.  The Highland Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orang-utans are heading the same way.  Australia�s Cassowary is in big trouble, and is there a politician who cares?

Then there are little children down to the age of 7 and 8 that are used around the world as child soldiers.  Thousands of these little children are used as cannon fodder every day by the pigs of war.  Does our Prime Minister ever talk about such matters?  No, but they say that he does go to church.

There are thousands of tons of uranium waste that must be guarded for a quarter of a million years.  Those not yet born must guard this deadly boiling waste.  They will never benefit from the uranium but will live in a very dangerous world because of what we have left them; does anybody care?

Listening to the last days of parliament made me sick to the stomach.  We now have a new Leader of the Opposition a Mr Mark Latham.  Our government spent most of their day, attacking the new leader; ad nauseam.  Whether or not the new leader is a scumbag, i have no idea, but that is not the point.  If our politicians waste their time waffling all day, when they are paid to seriously consider our world, then who the hell are these galahs that are suppose to work for us?

It looks like the Labor Party has decided to hand over the control of our crops to the Drug Companies.  They have said �go ahead with GE/GM Crops in Australia; a guaranteed road of no-return.  What a magnificent heritage to pass on to our children!  So perhaps Mr Mark Latham and his crowd are exactly the same as the others.

If our leaders don�t care about our world but still put their hands out for their pay then they are nothing more than highly paid parasites.  There are many of us who are quite disgusted by the time wasting shenanigans by our yobbos in parliament.
 The title �Honourable� does not automatically mean that you deserve respect; you must earn your respect.  Does anyone disagree with that?

Politically i am an extremist �extreme middle of the road�.  It seems to me that the left and right of politics shake hands under the table.  Must we have �Parasitic Bean Counters� running our world?  Just listen to their double talk as they slowly destroy our genetic heritage and small businesses.

From the Snakeman. www.snakeshow.net