This is the typical site that you would expect from big business (not free enterprise, there is a difference).  Usually the only thing that big business sees from a huge population is lots of customers for whatever they are selling.  These type of people are typical of arms manufactures who need a huge population so there will be turmoil hence, a guaranteed market for their weapons.
Then, there are those in the petro-chemical industries.  You'll notice that the petro-chemical industries are now tied into genetic manipulation of our biological resources.  As these giant corporations get their way by conning our politicians or paying them off, we'll have to pay a royalty to them for every mouthful of food we eat.   They'll try to convince people that this control of our food is to feed a starving world.  They are lying and you can prove it because they do not care about a starving world, they care about big business and monopoly.  If you have trouble believing this then go to the website www.snakeshow.net and read the truth about genetically engineered food plants (GMO's) then look at some of the links to other gene tech sites provided.

This site that is called 'overpopulation.com' does have some very positive parts to it, like the bit on the women of Kerala which is a state in south west India.  However, they then go on to intimate that this is the trend of the world and so, all is well on planet earth.
They never once mention genetic wipeout, desertification, the pollution and poisoning of our lakes and rivers.  Somehow they omit deforestation and rising salinity at a rate never before seen in the history of the world.
And surprise surprise, not one concern about a population that is growing at a rate never ever before experienced by any people, with the possible exception of the early inhabitants of Easter Island and, we all know what happened to them, don't we?

I do wonder when they believe that enough people on this planet will be enough or, whether they have even bothered to to consider such a question.
These people come across as good caring Christians.  Well i'd suggest that they are nothing of the sort.  Never once do they make mention of the 24 000 people who die of hunger every day of the year.  It should be remembered that 18 000 of these people are babies and children under the age of five years.  These are little children who understand nothing about the world.  They do however, understand about hunger because that is how they die.  I do wonder if these little piggies who put up this site called 'overpopulation.com' have ever gone without a meal for a day, or seven.  They do not even mention that the gap between rich and poor is getting wider every day.  And yet, they have the gall to say that all will be fine on planet earth if we go on in our selfish way, BUSINESS AS USUAL with 20% of the worlds population wasting 80% of the worlds resources.
By all means please, do your own research but do not attempt to fool yourself because, if you do, then you will be the fool.

Negative population Growth (NPG)

This is a site by some very concerned Americans about what they see as the future for that continent if something is not done to curb population growth.