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Pensions: old age and invalid
We have all heard of the looming problem about paying pensions with money that will not be there.

Free Hospitals
But maybe not free medicine, as we don�t want to create a population of hypochondriacs.

University Fees
What would be wrong with free education for all Australians?

Free Child Care
Good secure childcare for all kids when it is needed.

Teach First Aid to all students starting in early primary schools
The clever country would have to be one where all the citizens know first aid, and expect this as normal - starting with basic first aid in either kindergarten or early primary.

Alternative energy research
Research into the: production, storage and transmission of alternative energy - meaning, genuine research into all kinds of clean sustainable alternative energies and designing vehicles and buildings that would complement it.

Starting co-operatives that work
Research into the possibility of starting genuine co-operatives in the style of Mondragon will help with employment.  The issue of employment is growing in the developed world and unions cannot do much to stop jobs going overseas.  Co-operatives may not suit everybody but they would suit many, and at least those who owned and worked them would have pride in their work and would keep jobs here.

Feral animal control
Fund a real effort to drop the number of feral animals and noxious plants in Australia, and maybe eradicate some of them entirely.

Gene pool protection, both wild and domestic
Pay the cost of protecting what is left of our virgin forest in Australia.  The fable that our forestry is working in a sustainable way cannot be true if we have to cut down more of our remnant forests.  Whether they are sclerophyll or wet forests; these forests hold the only truly broadly based gene pools that we have.  We must also help in protecting the integrity and the maintenance of sustainable gene pools of rare domestic animals and food plants, meaning plants that are of open pollination.  These gene pools are the genetic heritage of our children and are being irreversibly lost at a frightening rate.

Research into Organic Farming and find out what works
We could fund research into organic and alternative farming methods that work.  The world is looking for clean organic food and that market will go on forever and expand.  Some alternatives do work so let�s learn about them and discover more.

Genuine Foreign Aid
Most foreign aid, especially that given by the super powers is tied to the purchase of weaponry.  In other words their foreign aid is nothing more than a dangerous sham and a farce, so of course - the world has a refugee crisis.

If the Debit Tax could easily pay for even half of this list then what would be wrong with having an honest look at the Debit Tax?  If it could not work then let�s hear why.  If it can work then let�s not have the �Little Piggies� setting up a gravy train because this money belongs to us all; so we would want to see the books, would we not?  Watch the politicians that duck and weave at any mention of the Debit Tax.  Send the name of the politicians that will not discuss this tax and their name together with their flippant or reasonable comments to this website.  Let�s have an honest and open look at the Debit Tax; if it can�t work then it can�t work; but let�s hear why.  Ask your favourite politician about the Debit Tax, then see if they remain your favourite politician; you�ll find their address on this website.

Also a warning that with so much money available, we would all have to watch our money held by the government, because as soon as the money is there, the sharks will be circling, including shysters, unions and greedy business people.  If we didn't watch the money it would become so inflationary that it could defeat the whole purpose of having such a progressive tax.  So the books must be open for any of us to check, also putting an end to the nonsense of each successive government not knowing what they are to inherit.