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Seed Savers and Suppliers of: Non hybrid and non GM/GE seeds.
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Genetically Engineered (GE), Genetically Modified (GM) or Transgenic Crops all mean the same thing.
GM crops are mostly chemical dependent and patented.

Put simply, the seeds available from the suppliers listed below are not designed to need a patented chemical to either grow or ripen.  Non hybrid and Non GM/GE seeds are of �open pollination�, which means that they can be pollinated by the bees or the wind.  The plants themselves are not patented either so you will not have to pay royalties to a chemical company for every mouthful of food you grow.  If you grow them commercially the plants are yours and you pay royalties to no one unless of course, your crop is contaminated by GM pollen and then someone like Monsanto tells you that they now own your crop because the pollen is patented.

 Those who push for, or allow GE/GM crops into our country think that tying us to chemical companies is a good thing.  One problem with so-called �GM test crops� is that they are here to contaminate our country with GM pollen and that is a road of no-return.  To see what has already happened to the Canadian farmers with this contaminating pollen go to the Canadian Farmers Union  Sadly, allowing GM pollen into any country is nothing short of biological and agricultural terrorism.

Monsanto's master plan expressed to Arthur Anderson Consulting Group in 1999 was to ensure 100% of all the world's commercial seeds would be genetically modified and patented.  So guess who will then own and control the world's food supply?

Learn about the Vavilov Centres & GM/GE Crops in a Nutshell.

Links to seed sites around the world: -
1. Australian & New Zealand Non Hybrid/Non GM Seeds
2. Europe Non Hybrid/Non GM Seeds
3. USA & Canada Non Hybrid/Non GM Seeds
4. International Non Hybrid/Non GM Seeds

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With thanks to Michel H. Porcher and The University of Melbourne.

Australian sites for non gentically engineered and non hybrid seeds.

The Seed Savers� Network

Diggers Seeds

Eden Seeds

Green Patch Organic Seeds

Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies

Yarra Organics - Petty's Orchard

200 varieties of apples and pears are grown in this orchard.  It is perhaps the largest collection or rare apples and pears in Australia and so one of the most valuable in the world.

This property is running on a shoestring and it appears that not a politician gives a damn about what these people are trying to maintain for the future of our children.

The orchard is in the Shire of Manningham and it seems that not even their own council gives a damn about the genetic heritage held in their own shire.  I don�t know for sure, but i guess they do care about collecting their rates on time.

Acres Australia
A great magazine on farming to suit both the commercial and hobby farmer.  This magazine covers farming methods that work for us all; in other words sustainable farming for our children�s future.

New Zealand
Seed Savers Aotearoa
Non Hybrid Seeds � Eco Store
Nestlebrae Exotics

European sites for non gentically engineered and non hybrid seeds.
European Garden Exchange
Heritage Seed Library
Primal Seeds
Plants for a Future
Heritage Vegetable Seeds
Henry Doubleday Research Association - Heritage Seed Library
Henry Doubleday Research Association HDRA � The Organic Organisation
Totness Genetics Group - ToGG
Irish Seed Saver Association
Arche Noah
Bulgarian Seed Savers
A Seed Europe � A Dutch site about the horror of what giant bio-tech companies are doing to control the seeds that should belong to humanity; for nothing more than profit.

US and Canadian sites for non gentically engineered and non hybrid seeds.
Abundant Life Seed Foundation
Seed Savers Exchange
Eastern Native Seed Conservancy
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Seeds of Texas
Farmers Cooperative Genome Project
Southern Heirloom Seeds and Memories
Heirloom Seed Society
Seeds of Diversity Canada - Semences du patrimoine Canada
Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers
Aurora Farm

International sites for non gentically engineered and non hybrid seeds.
International Seed Saving Institute, Idaho US.
 Very international in their work.
Seedsaving and Seedsavers� Resources
Association Kokopelli a wonderful group affiliated with the above.
Why Programs for Seeds � US
Seed Saving and Seedsavers�, Resources � Many great links on this site.
Grain � What�s new on the seeds front � Laws governing our seeds and how we are to be controlled by patents and chemical companies.
Plants for the future - Edible, medicinal and useful plants for a healthier world.
Soil Association
Pesticide Action Network PAN