Grameen Bank - A fair Tax a good Bank.

A bank that helps small business and those that are on the breadline to establish a financial and secure future without becoming victims of a bank in the process.

A wonderful book about this bank: "Banker To The Poor", a story of the Grameen Bank, written by Muhammad Unus with Alan Jolis.
There is a link to an abstract of this book at www.grameen-info.org

Grameen Bank
Spotlight on the Grameen Bank
Grameen Foundation USA
Grameen Bank � Education and Poverty Eradication
Grameen Bank � Bridging the Digital Divide
Grameen Bank Housing Programme
Grameen Telecom's Village Phone Programme
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh
Australian site on the Grameen Bank

Politicians Addresses.
Please help by contacting or visiting your local politician, tell him/her what you think.
Politicians love to receive visits and short letters from you.
Politician�s Addresses and phone numbers.   (For: - Federal and State Governments)

Ten letters to a politician of no more than 30 to 50 words can be much more valuable than collecting 1000�s of signatures.  Your letters count because they are counted, and ten letters are seen as over a 1000 votes.

Politicians are actually busy people so never write long letters and only ever write about one issue per letter.  Letters should be polite, short, sweet and to the point.

Ask for a reply and when you get an answer that is nonsense send it straight back and ask them to address the issue and not send you another standard letter that had nothing to do with what you were writing about.
Remind them that you and your friends want to know who is worth voting for.