Join the top 1% of humans on the planet.

We all like to blame politicians.  Well, there are politicians out there who do care but they are often frustrated by the Bean Counters.  The �Bean Counters� see the world in terms of commerce yet seldom in terms of humanity; those people usually studied economics or commerce but often understand nothing about the real world.  Then, in politics it is common to have beside them those who have studied law.  Lawyers are skilled at using fine words to sell a faulty product.  When a politician says, �it makes good economic sense� they may be right.  Wars make economic sense.  And also Terrorism Is Not New.

My belief is that if a politician does not care for the children for at least 200 years into the future then that politician is a dud and should be laughed out of office.  If you think that politicians could not be intelligent enough to think that far ahead then let�s make it 50 years - that means about the working life of an average person.  The children of the future must make their own decisions but it is highly irresponsible to burn their bridges before they reach them.  What we should be doing is giving them options not the reverse.

The term �biodiversity� is being bandied around a lot lately and most people, including politicians have no idea what it means.  To understand about biodiversity you must understand what a gene pool is and also the term, Keystone Species.  Most importantly you must then understand the difference between a broadly based gene pool and a narrowly based gene pool.  Once you understand this, it will put you into the top 1% of humans on the planet.  Any politician who does not understand this would have to be like a drunkard in charge of a school bus.  For a very simple story on Gene Pools read GE/GM Crops in a nutshell.

Economics will affect us all and in Australia, there is a lot of talk of the so-called Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.  Well as Dr Mahathir once said, �is it a Free Trade Agreement or a Fair Trade Agreement?�  Trade should exist to help us all, not just huge foreign companies at the expense of everybody else, where politicians and their corporate mates work out the fine print behind closed doors.

If you read the history of this agreement by the Queensland Independent Selwyn Johnston who has done his homework, you might come to an interesting conclusion.  You might just end up believing that those who sign us up to such an agreement would have to be guilty of treason against the citizens of Australia, especially our children.  If you think that treason is over the top then read Selwyn�s story on the FTA and its history, then make up your own mind.  Of course nobody is going to be charged with treason; but that is not the point.

Remember that this is happening behind closed doors.  Perhaps the Free Trade Agreement has nothing to do with us, the Citizens of Australia.  If it has nothing to do with us, then who is pushing it in its present form?  You could ask the Prime Minister and the Minister for Trade Mr Mark Vaile about it; remember it�s your country too.

Free Trade Agreement � By Selwyn Johnston